About You

In much of Corporate America, the selection of outside litigation counsel is premised upon considerations of career preservation - specifically, the fear of being second-guessed for not hiring The Big Firm, regardless of the size or complexity of the matter. Claims magazine reports that such a "strategy" likely results in millions of client dollars in unnecessary legal expense being wasted every year. Not smart. (Old French proverb: "The houses of lawyers are built on the heads of fools.")

Challenge your assumptions. Bigger is not necessarily better on all matters. In certain cases, we can help you substantially reduce your legal spending with no dropoff in quality. And whenever you call us, you'll talk directly with an experienced lawyer who can actually solve your problems. Our track record is outstanding. We're AV-rated®, and we specialize in commercial litigation, insurance law (policyholders only, no carriers) and employment law.

We call this section "About You" and not "About Us" for a reason.