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Tue Jun 14, 2016

Successfully enforcing non-competition agreements

With the economy still struggling, we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from companies seeking to enforce non-compete agreements against former employees.  Such agreements can help protect confidential information and customers, and prevent unfair competition. They can also be utterly useless and frustrating, because judges will refuse to enforce them if they’re improperly drafted.  For some critical tips on ensuring that your noncompetes are enforceable, please click on the "Learn More" button. 

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Fri May 20, 2016

The serious risk of employer liability for breaches of employee data

Willie Sutton, the famous bank robber, supposedly said that he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.”  But if Willie were alive today, he’d probably consider bank robberies to be bottom-feeding.   The real money is obviously in the Internet.  Along these lines, one potential source of worrisome liability for all companies is the loss of sensitive employee data, such as social security numbers.  You can read about a recent major class action resulting from an employee data breach, and how to minimize your risks of such a problem, by clicking on the "Learn More" button.

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Tue Apr 26, 2016

Why your employment manual is a disaster: The trial lawyer’s perspective

We’re often asked to review employment manuals for our clients.  (What an exciting life!!!)  And because we’re primarily a litigation and insurance coverage shop, we’re acutely aware of everything that can go wrong in an employee lawsuit, no matter how well a manual is drafted.  So is an employment manual worth the bother? And if so, how do you put together a manual that gives your employees the necessary information, without unnecessarily setting yourself up for liability?  If you’re interested in a few thoughts on that from a trial lawyer’s perspective, please click on the button.  

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