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Wed Sep 28, 2016

Cybersecurity: What does the Supreme Court’s Spokeo decision mean for your business?

A lot has been written about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Spokeo case, regarding whether and when a plaintiff can sue your company for the unauthorized disclosure of incorrect personal data on the internet.  What does the case mean for your (or your clients’) business, and how are other Courts interpreting and applying the Spokeo ruling? Read More

Sat Sep 3, 2016

Shortening the statute of limitations for discrimination cases?

Can management shorten the time within which claims must be brought under anti-discrimination statutes?  According to the New Jersey Supreme Court, the answer is no, because of public policy.

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Tue Jun 14, 2016

Successfully enforcing non-competition agreements

With the economy still struggling, we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from companies seeking to enforce non-compete agreements against former employees.  Such agreements can help protect confidential information and customers, and prevent unfair competition. They can also be utterly useless and frustrating, because judges will refuse to enforce them if they’re improperly drafted.  For some critical tips on ensuring that your noncompetes are enforceable, please click on the "Learn More" button. 

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